box lacrosse 5 on 3 man up play

Box Lacrosse 5-on-3 Man-Up Play

This is an interesting strategy we see Box Lacrosse coaches using any time their team has two extra players because of multiple penalties to cash in on those easy Man-Up scoring opportunities!

box lacrosse ground ball swing shoot pregame practice drill

Box Lacrosse Ground Ball, Swing and Shoot Drill

This is a simple three-part warm-up drill you can use with your box and field teams to get your players to pick up ground balls, pass and shoot in the exact same situations they will see when the game starts!

lacrosse players buy in believe themselves

Guest Post: Getting Your Players to “Buy In”

We are using these easy mental tools with our boys and girls players to make sure they believe in themselves and help them find out WHY they spend so much time and effort to help our teams get better!

touch the bucket defense position practice drill

“Touch the Bucket” Position Drill for Defense

This is a classic drill that coaches from all over use to teach Defenders good On-Ball and Off-Ball positioning- get out to cover the ball, then back in to help cover the middle!

Simple Dodge and Roll-Back Drill

Use this easy Dodging Drill to practice a key individual athletic skill that players from youth to college and pro will use multiple times in every game!

big little pick roll offense play two man game

Lax Lingo: “Big-Little” Pick & Roll Play

Almost every team in the NCAA Tournament used this simple play multiple times in playoff games last weekend. We expect to see it again plenty of times this weekend. Use it with your youth and high school players to give your Attackmen a better "Match Up" to get free and score!

Lax Lingo: “Robbie!”- Roll Back Away From Pressure

The "Roll Back" is a move every lacrosse player will use multiple times every game. Make sure all your players know this critical skill to get out of trouble and keep possession of the ball!

lakota campagin logo

Guest Post: The “7 Generations Principle”

Join us in becoming part of "The Lakota Project", to encourage players and parents to honor the Native American traditions of lacrosse and find opportunities to "serve the greater good".

hopkins syracuse dodge feed from x college lacrosse play

Dodge and Feed from “X” Shooting Drill

Use this simple Dodging and passing drill in practice and pregame warm-ups if you want your players to score those easy "lay-ups" right in front of the goal!

mirror dodging passing catching practice line drill

“Mirror” Dodging and Passing Practice Drills

Make this simple change to your basic warm-up line drills at practice to give all your players maximum reps and touches on the ball catching and throwing, plus they get to work on their "moves" at the same time!

lacrosse tv commentator game film coverage

Practice Cancelled? Watch Video.

Practice Tip of the Day:If practice is cancelled because of weather, or if it's the day after a game, this is the best time to watch some game film. We highly recommend scheduling video practices with your players!

youth sports lacrosse parents arguing

Lax Lingo: The “24-Hour” Rule

Some soccer coach friends recently shared this great idea with us. We can all use it to communicate effectively with officials, players, and especially parents, to keep our teams running smoothly this season!

3 1 3 defense clear play vs different attack offense ride

Defense: 3-1-3 Clear vs. Several Different Rides

The 3-1-3 is a standard Clearing formation that every Coach should know. Make sure all your players understand this very common numbers-advantage game situation so you can get the ball down field to score more goals!

college lacrosse 3 1 2 sweep dodge offense play

College 3-1-2 Sweep Dodge

This is a simple Dodging play we've seen from some of the top NCAA teams already this season. Sweep Dodges are a great way to get your players into the middle of the field for great shooting positions!

virginia loyola college lacrosse high wing pick offense play

Virginia High-Wing Pick Play

We like this little play we've seen Virginia run a few times this season. It's simple enough you can do it with your youth and high school players.

mental tune up lacrosse practice skills

Guest Post: The Mental Tune-Up

Today's Guest Post has simple tips for developing the right mental aspects and attitudes of team sports that are huge contributors to your players' success. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

Lax Lingo: Directing the Clear from the Bench

Clearing can be one of the most difficult pieces of the game for beginning coaches and players alike to understand. Use these simple terms to help your players "Find" the open man when you Clear!

7 on 6 defense double team play

7-on-6 Defense Double Team at “X”

Use this college play when you're behind in the fourth quarter. Your Defense has to create turn overs and get the ball back if your offense is going to have a chance to score!

youth lacrosse midfielder middie clear

Six-Line Passing & Catching Practice Drill

We've seen many college and high school teams using this full-field passing drill this preseason to get feet and sticks moving at practice, and give each player tons of touches on the ball!

princeton pick roll pairs lacrosse offense play

Princeton “Picking Pairs” Offense

This is a more modern Offense we've seen the last few years among college teams. You can use this play to get dodgers open going to the goal and confuse Slide Packages from the Defense!

mental prep playbook

Guest Post: “Mental Prep Playbook”

Youth sports is about making mistakes and learning from them. Challenges and setbacks in practice and games are part of the growth process. Here are some great tools to help build your players' mental conditioning, which often gets overlooked while we focus on phsycial conditioning.

criss cross passing catching practice drill

Two-Line Cross Passing & Catching Practice Drill

This is a simple passing and catching drill we have been using with our boys’ and girls’ teams for years. It’s not fancy or modern, but it’s great at maximizing touches for building stick skills and muscle memory!

box lacrosse open gate man up double pick play

Box Lacrosse “Open the Gate” Man-Up Play

We've seen this Man-Up Double Pick & Roll Play used by multiple teams in lots of Box Lacrosse tournaments this season. Try it with your youth and high school players!

mann cup 2015 box lacrosse brooklin strong side rotation offense play

Box Lacrosse “Brooklin” Strong Side Rotation

This is another common "Strong Side" Rotation (what the other three guys on the floor should be doing opposite the Two-Man Game with the ball) that we see Canadian and NLL teams using all the time.