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College Extra Pass Warm-Up Line Drills

We saw these great passing and catching warm-up drills at summer camp for one of the top DI teams. With these you can work on multiple skills at once to get your team through line drills in less time at practice!

College coaches are very good at combining skills like catching, throwing, scooping, dodging and defending to get more work done in a smaller amount of time at practice and before games. It only takes one more second to get each player an extra catch and throw while they're in the drill.

Run these Extra Pass drills in lines of Midfielders, Attack and Defenders, or work in small groups to get each player more reps, more muscle memory, and more conditioning.

Do twice as much work in the same amount of time by giving your players an extra throw and an extra catch. Practice on-the-run "Over-the-Shoulder" passes and catches. Teach your players to break down field for the ball, and to look up and move it quickly once they catch it.


college practice extra pass line drills

Figure 1.) Put your players in groups of 3 spaced out in a line 30-40 yards apart. The guy in the middle of the line will start with the ball.

Blue 1 runs toward Blue 2 and throws a pass. Blue 2 comes out from his cone to catch the pass and throws it right back to Blue 1. Your players should be moving. Don't wait for it!

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Let us know if these drills work for your youth or high school team. Make sure your players understand that the college guys practice the same things, just better and faster!