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The Clear: A Youth Coach’s Guide

"Clearing" can be the ultimate test of a team's stick skills, communication, and lacrosse IQ. Just getting the ball away from your own goal is one of the most common challenges that coaches at every level will see. But Clearing doesn't have to be a frustrating scenario to teach players new to the sport. No matter what level you coach, it's critical […]

Teach Body Defense with the Bucket Game

Youth coaches everywhere struggle with beginning players that lunge or over-commit on defense, letting the man they are guarding run right past them. The Bucket Game is a very simple fix to this common problem, teaching players to keep their feet, hands, and bodies moving to stay in between their man and the goal.

4-on-3 Box Passing Drill

The 4-on-3 Fast Break happens multiple times in every lacrosse game, especially with youth and beginners. This classic drill will help you teach your Defenders how to move and rotate as the ball moves. Its also great for working on passing and catching for your offensive players. No matter what level you coach, make sure your team understands how […]