7-on-6 Defense Double Team at “X”

Use this college play when you're behind in the fourth quarter. Your Defense has to create turn overs and get the ball back if your offense is going to have a chance to score!

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Six-Line Passing & Catching Practice Drill

We've seen many college and high school teams using this full-field passing drill this preseason to get feet and sticks moving at practice, and give each player tons of touches on the ball! Read more

Princeton “Picking Pairs” Offense

This is a more modern Offense we've seen the last few years among college teams. You can use this play to get dodgers open going to the goal and confuse Slide Packages from the Defense!

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Guest Post: “Mental Prep Playbook”

Youth sports is about making mistakes and learning from them. Challenges and setbacks in practice and games are part of the growth process. Here are some great tools to help build your players' mental conditioning, which often gets overlooked while we focus on phsycial conditioning.

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Two-Line Cross Passing & Catching Practice Drill

This is a simple passing and catching drill we have been using with our boys’ and girls’ teams for years. It’s not fancy or modern, but it’s great at maximizing touches for building stick skills and muscle memory!

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