The “Original” 3-on-2 West Genesee Drill

This is the "Old" version of a true classic practice drill that coaches everywhere use in camps, tryouts, and practices to work on conditioning, stick skills, scoring, and game situations!

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Lax Lingo: “Echo!” Your Play Calls from the Bench

As a coach, it can be difficult to communicate with your players on the field during games, no matter what sport they are playing. Try this simple technique to get all your players on the same page!

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Six Strategies for Keeping Possession

If you look at it, especially if you are coaching beginners, turnovers in the offensive end are the #1 cause of goals scored against your team. Use these simple practice and game tips to keep the ball in your sticks!

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Man-Down Defense: “5-Man Rotation”

This is the Man-Down Defense that we see many college and pro teams use against multiple Man-Up sets. It looks complicated, but it's actually simple enough that you can teach it to your youth and high school teams! Read more

3-on-2 with Two Ground Balls

This is a great, fast-paced drills we got from one of our players. It's a really fun way to practice unsettled situations, stick skills, scoring, and defense. Plus it gives your players two reps every time!

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