2-on-1 Man/Ball Drill: The Basics

The 2-on-1 Man/Ball Drill is a classic ground ball lax drill. Youth, high school, and college coaches alike will find this drill a crucial part of their practice arsenal. It's great for conditioning and toughness, and it imitates game situations. Plus it's probably the most basic way to teach your players to understand the 2-on-1, even if their stick skills aren't very good yet, since the ball starts on the ground.

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State of the Game: From “Man/Ball” to “Ball/Man”

The sport of lacrosse is always evolving, and even the simplest drills sometimes need to be shaken up. Today, coaches at camps, clinics, and practices all across the nation are rethinking one of the most basic and familiar drills in the game--the Man/Ball Drill--and working with players to think ball first, hit second. Read more

Ground Balls Win Games

"Ground Balls Win Games."- Every Lacrosse Coach knows that.  If you are coaching beginning lacrosse players of any age, unfortunately you are going to spend a lot of time with the ball on the ground in a messy scrum. Make the most of that time if you want your team to be successful. Ground balls require focus and toughness. Often they are followed by a full-speed, full-field sprint. Recognize and reward your players that consistently run hard to get the ball for your team.

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