Lax Lingo: “Look Away!” (From the Ball)

Ball-Watching on Defense can be a serious problem for youth and beginning players. "Look Away!" is a great call we've heard college and high school teams using in unsettled situations to get players to turn around and find a man to guard.

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Practice Tips: Teaching Defense Without Sticks

Youth coaches are constantly struggling with players that lunge or over-commit on Defense, letting the man with the ball run right past them. "Stubbies" can be a quick and inexpensive fix to this problem, helping to keep players' feet, hips and hands moving in the right direction.

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Stop Using These Two Words with Your Players

Effective communication is the #1 skill a good coach needs at any level, from youth beginners all the way to college. The same thing is true with our work and personal relationships. See how two little words may be undermining your message to your players.

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Advice from 3 Great Lacrosse Coaches

It's Monday, and that means you're probably going over and over what happened in your games this past weekend. We are too. Hopefully all your players performed up to expectations. We found this advice from 3 great coaches that will hopefully stick in your mind when you're on the sidelines with your players at your next game.

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Lax Lingo: “Wolf!” and “Bear!”

We've all struggled to get the words out when we see one of our players in trouble on the field but doesn't know it yet. In today's installment of Lax Lingo, we want to talk about two very helpful calls you can use from the bench and teach your players to use on the field: "Wolf!" and "Bear!"  Read more

Lax Lingo: “Spider” Defense- Help on the Back Side.

Today in Lax Lingo we want to talk about Defense, and especially defensive help from the back side. "Spider!" is a great new term we hear coaches using to communicate to Defenders when to move out to play their man with the ball, and when to move back in to help in the middle when the ball is away from their man. This is also a great way to introduce basic Team Defense to your players.

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State of the Game: New Trends in Today’s Lacrosse

Whether it's the increased focus on safety, new rules for "quick restarts," or the influence of Canadian Box Lacrosse, the game is changing. Here's a list of the current trends we here at Lax Library believe will help coaches prepare players for the modern game.

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Lax Lingo: “Stop and Chop” (and how to stop it!)

Youth coaches everywhere struggle with beginning players that stop their feet and throw stick checks on defense, letting the man they are guarding run right past them. By teaching players to avoid this "Stop and Chop" behavior, they can correct their bad habits and learn how to keep up with any opponent.

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Lax Lingo: “Find” the Open Man!

"Find" is a great term we have heard good coaches using in games for a few years now. In today's Lax Lingo, we'll look at how this simple one-word tool can help your players react and respond quickly on the field.

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Lax Lingo: Why do we call Practice Jerseys “Pinnies”?

Lacrosse terms come from all over the world. Even though it is a Native American sport, the name "la crosse" is French for "crooked stick." But why do coaches and players all use the same terms in practice and games every week? What do they mean?

In today's Lax Lingo we want to talk about why we all call practice jerseys "pinnies."

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