The Long-Stick Midfielder (LSM)

The Long-Stick Midfielder (LSM) is a very exciting position in lacrosse that has been getting some pretty good attention the last few years, having big impacts in big games, and putting together some very nice highlights.

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Mental vs Mechanical Mistakes- Which kind are your players making?

No matter what level of lacrosse you are coaching- youth, high school freshmen, high school varsity, etc., your players are going to make mistakes. Even if you are coaching the elite U15 traveling club team for your area. There will be lots of them if you are a high school varsity team in a new or developing area. You probably have good athletes that just don't have many games under their belts yet. Your star Attackman will miss a pass, your Defenders will drop the ball on the clear, somebody will miss an easy ground ball. It is how you respond to these mistakes that will determine what kind of working relationship you will have with these young men (or women!) that are looking for your guidance.

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Lax Lingo: “A.J.” and “Near Man”

We spend a lot of time listening to what good Lacrosse Coaches are saying on the bench, and what we can hear players telling each other on the field or on TV. This "Lax Lingo" can be very helpful in communicating clearly with your players so that they know exactly what you mean and what you want them to do in a given situation. Being clear and concise with your players will get you much better results on the field than yelling uncertain terms like "Move!" and "Hustle!" from the sidelines over and over. So we want to share this "Lax Lingo" with all of you.

Today, we want to talk about two calls that many college teams are using interchangeably: “A.J.” and “Near Man”.

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