Man-Down Defense: One Man Shut-Off

This is a simple play we see teams use quite often to disrupt their opponent's Man-Up Plays. Lock off their best shooter or feeder, and shut down their entire Man-Up Offense!

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Defense: Defending the 4-on-3 Fast Break

Fast Breaks happen multiple times every lacrosse game. By understanding this common game situation, your Defense can stop these goals from changing the momentum of almost any game!

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Man-Down Defense: “5-Man Rotation”

This is the Man-Down Defense that we see many college and pro teams use against multiple Man-Up sets. It looks complicated, but it's actually simple enough that you can teach it to your youth and high school teams! Read more

Man-Down Defense “Box and String”

This is an older, more traditional Man-Down Defense that we haven't seen in a while. We came up against it in a game this weekend, and we weren't prepared, so we thought we better cover it!

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“Box-and-One [in the Middle]” Man-Down Defense

We see many youth and high school teams giving up easy goals every time they are Man-Down because of a penalty. Use this basic Defense to teach your players to cover the ball, kill penalties, and shut down the other team!

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Transition Drills for Defense

These are some of our favorite practice drills and games to work on attacking and defending numbers-advantage game situations that are really what lacrosse is all about- the "2-on-1".

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“Numbers Game” Man-Up/Man-Down Practice Drill

This is one of our all-time favorite games to play at any practice! Use this drill with youth teams all the way up to college to teach players to read and respond to unsettled and transition situations. It works on ground balls, stick skills, ball movement, defensive rotations and communication, everything!

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