Box Lacrosse Man-Up Cut and Pick Away

We saw several Box Teams using this simple, standard Pick and Roll Play multiple times at tournaments this weekend.

Score goals in as little as two passes! This is a play we see teams all over the country using. It's nothing fancy, just knowing where to look.

Box Lacrosse is great for younger players to learn the game! It's 5-on-5 like Basketball and Ice Hockey. Every player plays offense and defense.

Just like Ice Hockey, Box Lacrosse Man-Up is 5-on-4, so it can be easier for beginning players to understand before they learn more complex 6-on-5 Man-Up/Man-Down situations they will see in Field Lacrosse.


box lacrosse man up cut pick away play

Figure 1.) Build the "House". The most common formation in Box Lacrosse for Regular and Extra Man Offense ("Power Play") is three up top, with two down low, one on either side of the goal. This creates an easy 3-on-2 situation against the two Defenders at the top of the "Box" of the Defense.

Defense: "Box It Up!" At the same time, the most common formation for Man-Down Defense is a Box. Some teams may use a Diamond formation for their Man-Down Defense to challenge the shooters up top, but you probably won't see this very often.

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