box lacrosse 2 on 1 cross over pregame warm up practice drill

Box 2-on-1 Cross-Over Drill

We see teams all over using this common pregame warm-up drill we got from NLL training camp. We thought it was so great and so simple, if the Pros are doing it, you probably should be too.

Team USA Box 3-Man Shooting Drill

We saw this great pregame warm-up drill at the World Championships this week in Canada. You can use it with your field or outdoor team too.

zone defense youth lacrosse

What Zone Defense Should I Use with my Youth Team

A Zone Defense can be a great way to slow down your opponents when they are bigger, faster or better. But it takes a lot of time to practice, so make sure you pick the right one!

Man-Down Defense: One Man Shut-Off

This is a simple play we see teams use quite often to disrupt their opponent's Man-Up Plays. Lock off their best shooter or feeder, and shut down their entire Man-Up Offense!

The Famous “West Genesee” Drill and Variations

This classic drill is used by almost every coach at every level at practice, camps, and tryouts. But where does the name come from, and how does it work? What makes it so famous?

michigan ohio state lacrosse face off

“Michigan” Sideways 2-on-1 Ground Ball Drill

This simple 2-on-1 to 2-on-2 drill combines so many things our teams need to practice right now- scooping, passing, shooting, defense, and more. We love it!

Duke 3-1-2 “Inside-Out” Pick & Roll Offense 2

We're taking another look at the "Umbrella" Weave Offense that Duke used when they won the NCAA National Championship Game in 2014. It's a simple way to use the 2-Man Game to get Midfielders dodging into the "Slot".

five man five ball passing catching warm up practice drill

“Stayin’ Alive” 5-Man 5-Ball Passing & Catching Drills

Keep your players focused during practice with this great variation on classic Line Drills that adds in an element of competition and conditioning to raise the intensity!

4-on-3 Box Passing Fast Break Drill to Goal

Combine two classic drills into one fast-paced game-situation drill. Practice stick skills, defensive communication and positioning, Fast Breaks and shooting, all at the same time!

coach stick to practice game schedule time management

Coaches: Stick to Your Practice Schedule!

One of the easiest ways you can make the Parent-Coach relationship better is start and end your practices ON TIME! Manage your time and make your coaching life easier for yourself!

“Hammer” 1-on-1 Triple Ground Ball Drill

This is a simple, fun drill that you can do with boys and girls players of all ages and levels to practice Scooping under pressure, Dodging, Defense, and get some Conditioning, all at the same time!

minto cup 2018 box lacrosse faceoff

Box Lacrosse Up-Pick Shooting Drill

We saw both teams at the Minto Cup using this same great two-ball shooting drill to warm up for Game 2 last week.

6 Plays to use against a “Shut-Off”

Here are six common plays you can use to generate Offense and score goals when the Defense is keeping your best player from getting the ball.

two man inbounds play x

2-Man Inbounds Play from “X”

This is a simple, standard play we see teams from all over using to score quick goals after a shot out of bounds on the End Line!

3 on 2 north south west gennies half field practice drill

3-on-2 “North-South” West Gennies

This is another simple version of the classic 3-on-2 West Genessee drill, one of the best practice drills of all time!

3-on-2 “Half Gennies” West Genessee Drill

This is a simple and fast adaptation of one of the best practice drills of all time! We use it in pregame warm-ups to get feet, sticks and the ball moving, and get shots on goal!

duke villanova man up play screen shot

3-1-2 Man-Up Diamond Rotation Up Top

This is a great new play we see most top college teams using the last two seasons to move the ball, move the defense, and get a man open in good shooting position for easy goals!

man up shallow clear through play

Two “Shallow Clear Through” Man-Up Plays

Here are two easy plays we see from high school and college teams using this simple technique to generate good shooting opportunities when they have the extra man!

Lax Lingo: “Play Between the Whistles!”

Turn every change of possession or ball out of bounds into extra scoring opportunities and numbers advantage situations with this simple technique!

new trends two man pick roll defense

Defending the Two-Man Game: Pick & Roll Defense Communication

The "Two-Man" Pick & Roll Game is a standard offensive play for almost every team now. You can use the same tools we see College and Pro Teams using to defend against it!

3 on 2 cross over practice box field lacrosse drill

3-on-2 Cross-Over Drill

We see lots of teams using this great drill in Pregame Warm-Ups for both Box and Field Lacrosse Tournaments to work on stick skills, ball movement, and defense, all at the same time!

midfielder running the ball 4-3 43 clear

Midfielders: Do NOT Sub on Defense!

Make sure all your players know this simple rule, so you don’t give up easy Fast and Slow Break goals! Make the other team score their goals the hard way!

defense college coach new two slide practice play

Defense: More Coaches are using this NEW “Two” Slide

Where is your Second Slide coming from? As offensive plays and formations change from season to season, Defenses have to respond with different strategies and tactics as well. Make sure your team keeps up!