substitution game lacrosse offense play

All about “Substitution Game”!

This is an easy way to score easy, extra goals that every coach needs to know! You can use substitution situations and locations to create momentary numbers-advantage situations, just by getting your players on and off the field!

lacrosse loose ball 2-on-1 to 3-on-3 build up practice drill

2-on-1 to 3-on-3 Triple Rep Drill

Give all your players three times the action in both numbers-advantage and even-strength small-sided game situations with this simple, fast, and fun build-up practice drill!

Ground Ball “Up and Over” Shooting Drill

We are loving this new twist on an old classic Johns Hopkins drill that combines scooping, passing, dodging and shooting all into one fast-action game-situation drill!

give and go shooting offense practice drill

Give-and-Go Four Line Shooting Drill

Use this is simple, standard shooting drill to teach your Box and Field players to move their feet and get open without the ball for easy goals if you can catch the Defense "Ball-Watching"!

defense ground ball escape practice drill

Defense Ground Ball “Escape” Drill

Don't lose the Ground Ball battle right in front of your own goal! Use this simple drill with all your players to practice how to pick up loose balls and get away to get their hands free to pass.

maryland 3 on 2 practice drill

“Maryland” 3-on-2 Half-Field Drill

This simple half-field variation of the classic "West Genny" drill also includes elements of Clearing in small-sided game situations that your field and box lacrosse players will love.

defense break out shooting clearing practice drill

Defense Break-Out Shooting Drill

Use this simple small-group shooting drill to teach your Defenders to Break Out after a shot and start Fast Breaks to score those big-time highlight transition goals!

figure eight catch shoot practice drill

Figure Eight/Triangle Continuous Shooting Drills

These are two of our favorite high-rep shooting drills for individual or small group training. Try them when your players arrive early or stay late for practice.

3 2 2 clear defense play

3-2-2 Clear vs Several Different Rides

This simple variation Clearing formation can give your team multiple easy options for short passes in the middle. Get the ball down field to your Offense so you can score more goals!

face dodge approach shooting practice drill

Approach Face Dodge Shooting Drill

This simple Dodging and Shooting Drill teaches your players to use the classic Shot Fake and Face Dodge against a Defender to get free for easy layup goals.

defense footwork ground ball approach practice drill

Defense Footwork Ground Ball Approach Drill

Many teams use this simple ground ball drill in their practice and pregame warm-ups to get their feet and sticks moving, plus add in a few more important elements for any Defender.

Princeton Virginia Lacrosse High Wing Pick Screenshot 2020

Pick-and-Roll Plays from the 2020 NCAA Lacrosse Season

Here we review the most common Pick Plays we saw in the 2020 season, short though it was- Flat High Wing Picks, Crease Up Picks, and Reverse Picks. Save these for your teams' Summer or Fall Ball, whenever we can get back out on the field!

long pole dodging past midfielder youth high school lacrosse game

“5-10-5” Dodge and Sprint SAQ Drill

We saw this super simple Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) drill at MLL training camp last year. You can work on dodging, defending, change of speed and direction, and conditioning all at the same time in just 5-10 minutes at the beginning or end of practice!

defense footwork practice drill

In-and-Out Footwork Drill for Defense

Defensive footwork is one thing coaches and players overlook in practice all the time. Use this quick and easy drill to teach your players how to "Approach"- get out to guard the ball quickly, then back in to help cover the middle in settled and unsettled situations. Plus get some Speed, Agility & Quickness work done at the […]

Denver University Outlaws fast break lacrosse

3-on-2 West Genesee Drill

A true classic from upstate New York, this game is used in camps, clinics, and practices by teams all over the world. From improved conditioning to stick skills, this game will keep practice fun and help players improve their Lax IQ.

lacrosse lingo goose hockey techniques to win loose balls

Lax Lingo: “Goose!” and “Hockey!”: Techniques to Win Loose Balls

Here are two simple techniques that you can practice with your players to win more ground balls, and get extra chances on offense to score more goals!

3 on 2 sideways west genesee lacrosse practice drill

3-on-2 “Sideways” West Gennies Practice Drill

We've heard a lot of talk lately about this great variation of the classic "West Gennies" Drill. It's a fun, fast, easy drill that every coach needs to know!

box lacrosse swing and shoot pregame warm up practice drill

Box Swing and Shoot Pregame Warm-Up Drill

Use this simple drill with your box and field teams to get your players passing and shooting in the exact same situations they will see when the game starts!

box lacrosse 2 on 1 cross over pregame warm up practice drill

Box 2-on-1 Cross-Over Drill

We see teams all over using this common pregame warm-up drill we got from NLL training camp. We thought it was so great and so simple, if the Pros are doing it, you probably should be too.

Team USA Box 3-Man Shooting Drill

We saw this great pregame warm-up drill at the World Championships this week in Canada. You can use it with your field or outdoor team too.

zone defense youth lacrosse

What Zone Defense Should I Use with my Youth Team

A Zone Defense can be a great way to slow down your opponents when they are bigger, faster or better. But it takes a lot of time to practice, so make sure you pick the right one!

Man-Down Defense: One Man Shut-Off

This is a simple play we see teams use quite often to disrupt their opponent's Man-Up Plays. Lock off their best shooter or feeder, and shut down their entire Man-Up Offense!

The Famous “West Genesee” Drill and Variations

This classic drill is used by almost every coach at every level at practice, camps, and tryouts. But where does the name come from, and how does it work? What makes it so famous?

michigan ohio state lacrosse face off

“Michigan” Sideways 2-on-1 Ground Ball Drill

This simple 2-on-1 to 2-on-2 drill combines so many things our teams need to practice right now- scooping, passing, shooting, defense, and more. We love it!