army navy lacrosse faceoff

4-on-3 Full-Field Face-Off Fast Breaks

Face-offs and Fast Breaks are two of the most exciting things that can happen in any lacrosse game. Just ask CJ Costabile (Duke) and RG Keenan (North Carolina). Use this full-field practice drill for both of these key elements to get twice as much work done in the same amount of time!

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Duke Lacrosse long stick midfielder LSM pursues the NorthCarolina midfielder carrying the ball

4-on-3 Full-Field Fast Breaks at Both Goals

We ran this great transition drill at our first practice of the season. The kids loved running full-field sprints back and forth for 15 minutes since we were playing a "game" of Fast Breaks instead of running a "drill". Tons of reps and tons of fun with this one.

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Stop Using These Two Words with Your Players

Effective communication is the #1 skill a good coach needs at any level, from youth beginners all the way to college. The same thing is true with our work and personal relationships. See how two little words may be undermining your message to your players.

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