spider defense help in and out

Lax Lingo: “Spider” Defense- Help on the Back Side.

Today in Lax Lingo we want to talk about Defense, and especially defensive help from the back side. "Spider!" is a great new term we hear coaches using to communicate to Defenders when to move out to play their man with the ball, and when to move back in to help in the middle when the ball is away from their man. This is also a great way to introduce basic Team Defense to your players.

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Mom Saves Lacrosse Team, Becomes Coach

At Lax Library, we love hearing stories about individuals who share in our mission to "Grow the Game" of lacrosse. We heard this story last week about an inspiring mom who saved her son's lacrosse team in their hometown of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania by becoming the coach and learning the game.

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box lacrosse lefty sweep dodge

2-on-1 Cross-Over Drill

This is a very simple drill that we picked up from training camp for one of the NLL teams last year. This great 2-on-1 drill works on ball movement, attacking the goal, and defensive footwork all at the same time. We thought it was so great and so simple, if the Pros are doing it, you probably should be too. We have even seen some youth teams using it in their pre-game warm ups.

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north carolina lacrosse attack

3-on-3 North Carolina “Early Offense” Drill

What if you could get the ball up to your Attackmen right away when you Clear from Defense to Offense? Players that know how to use open space can turn a quick clear into a goal-scoring opportunity at the other end of the field. Inspired by North Carolina Men's Lacrosse, this fast-paced drill will teach your players to attack the goal quickly, Dodge in open space, and work unsettled situations. As a bonus, it's great for conditioning and stick skills.

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