lacrosse one hand ground ball mechanical mistake

Mental vs Mechanical Mistakes- Which kind are your players making?

No matter what level of lacrosse you are coaching- youth, high school freshmen, high school varsity, etc., your players are going to make mistakes. Even if you are coaching the elite U15 traveling club team for your area. There will be lots of them if you are a high school varsity team in a new or developing area. You probably have good athletes that just don't have many games under their belts yet. Your star Attackman will miss a pass, your Defenders will drop the ball on the clear, somebody will miss an easy ground ball. It is how you respond to these mistakes that will determine what kind of working relationship you will have with these young men (or women!) that are looking for your guidance.

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the slot also called the hole is the middle of the field in front of the goal, in between the alleys

Initiate the Contact with your Dodge and Get to the Slot.

High school and college lacrosse coaches today want players that can get in front of the goal. The Split Dodge down the alley isn't going to cut it all the time anymore. Against better Defenders and better Goalies today, you have to be able to get those high percentage chances in the middle. Teach your players to get to the "Slot," just like getting to the "Paint" in Basketball. Initiate the contact with the dodge- lean in to the defender to push your way into the middle.

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youth lacrosse players one on one

Best “Advice to a Young Player” we have heard so far.

Lacrosse is growing in popularity at a very impressive rate, both in the US and around the world. We have heard from parents in places like Colorado, Kansas City, even in the South, that are pulling their kids out of football because of the concussion risk and are looking for something else for their kids to play. In a developing area, where Lacrosse is a relatively new sport, this can seem like a flood of new players. And we all know what happens when someone starts playing lacrosse. They get totally hooked. We see it all the time.

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